Dryer Vent Cleaning

Don’t let an everyday chore become an unfortunate disaster.

Why is dryer vent cleaning important?

Dryer vent cleaning not only enhances the safety and efficiency of your dryer installation, but also saves you money. As lint and other rubbish fill up your dryer vents, drying time intensifies which can cause the dryer to work harder and possibly overheat. In turn, the dryer has to work longer, increasing energy consumption as well as possibly causing a fire in the dryer duct or dryer itself. The Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that dryer related home fires are on the rise.

Pay attention to signs that your dryer vent needs cleaning. For instance, if your dryer is running longer than it used to it may be time to have the vent checked and cleaned. Some dryer vents are short and straight making them fairly easy for you to clean yourself. However, others can be a bit tricky and may require the use of special tools and equipment. At AAA Dry Foam we have tools especially tailored to clean the more intricate dryer vents.

Lint may be the leading cause of dryer vent blockage, but it’s not the only one. There are two other factors to look out for. The first, animal nesting, happens often and is usually easily identified. The other, however, can be hazardous to your health. When dealing with gas dryers you have to worry about carbon monoxide seepage. If your dryer is not properly exhausting, harmful CO is building up inside your home.

We at AAA Dry Foam want to make sure that we provide you with the best service possible. Doing so, helps us to determine the effectiveness of the cleaning as well as, insure that your dryer duct installation does not exceed recommended limits.