Fire & Smoke Clean Up

1) Getting the Call, Inspecting, & Fire Damage Assessment:

AAA Dry Foam will respond as soon as the Fire Chief or inspector gives the OK for people to be allowed to come back into the home or business. AAA Dry Foam will then access the fire or water damage in the area that was damaged, as well as the adjoining rooms for any signs of fire, smoke, and soot damage. By doing this, it will allow AAA Dry Foam to come up with a plan of action and to create your free estimate. You also have the right to go with any company that you are comfortable with besides what the insurance company suggest. AAA Dry Foam will work with your insurance company to keep them up to date with everything being done.

2) Inventory and Packing Out:

AAA Dry Foam will create a detailed inventory sheet of all the items that you would prefer to try and restore, if possible. AAA Dry Foam will determine which items are restorable and which are not. Any items that are not restorable, AAA Dry Foam will remove and dispose of it properly. Also, AAA Dry Foam will be able to pack out items that needed to be cleaned and stored elsewhere. As well as board up entrances and placing tarps on a damaged roof.

3) Communication:

AAA Dry Foam will communicate with you and your insurance adjuster with any questions that you or your adjuster may have dealing with the process, regular updates every step of the way, clear documentation, and a timeline of completion. Also, AAA Dry Foam will be able to inform you of any changes that we notice while at the site. Such as additional items that need to be removed/unsalvageable, or structural issues that AAA Dry Foam notices at the site.

4) Removal and Clean Up:

AAA Dry Foam will remove all items that are damaged and not salvageable due to the fire or water damage. AAA Dry Foam will then start the cleaning process with all remaining items and structures with special equipment and deodorizing products needed for smoke odor removal. After all the cleaning is complete, AAA Dry Foam will return all packed out items to the home/business.