Spray Foam Insulation

AAA Dry Foam spray foam insulation air-seals and saves energy in residential and/or commercial properties.  It has a high R-Value (6.6 per inch insulation power in closed cell) and a class A fire rating, which will help contain a fire from spreading quickly throughout your home or business.  It also increases structural strength and reduces sound transmission.

AAA Dry Foam will make your home or business space more comfortable by:

1). Reducing outside noise: Spray foam will lessen outside and unwanted noises to give you a better night’s rest and daytime production. So let AAA Dry Foam give you the silence that you deserve.

2). Stop air leaks and give you cleaner air: Spray foam is an air sealer. It provides a nice tight seal, which eliminates outside unfiltered air from getting into your home or business. So let AAA Dry Foam give you fresh and pure air to breathe in your home or business.

3). Lower energy bills: Spray foam should lower your energy bills. Since most of your energy used in your home or business goes to heating and cooling. So let AAA Dry Foam help you reduce your monthly costs.

4). Fire barrier: Spray foam has a class A fire rating, which acts as a fire barrier that will retard the spread of flames in your home or business. This helps in giving you more time to react to a fire in your home or business. So let AAA Dry Foam help you save lives.

5). Control humidity: By sealing your home or business with high quality spray foam insulation, you can control the movement of air and achieve your desired level of humidity. So let AAA Dry Foam give you the comfort that you deserve.

6). Reduce the carbon footprint: Spray foam helps reduce energy waste, which helps the environment. So let AAA Dry Foam help you do your part to bring a brighter tomorrow.

7). Pay for itself over time: Spray foam saves you on your electricity bill each month. This upgrade will pay for itself over time, and you will save money for years to come. The R-value of insulation refers to its resistance to heat flow. A high R-value can prevent more heat from escaping your home or business. While the R-value for our spray foam is 6.6 per inch, fiberglass insulation is about 2.2 per inch. So, in other words, you would need more fiberglass insulation than spray foam to meet the required R-value of your home or business. Also spray foam will not compress, fall out of place, or lose R-value like fiberglass. Which would make installation of fiberglass more expensive than spray foam over time. So let AAA Dry Foam give you a return on your investment.


Create a more energy efficient and comfortable home and business

Spray foam installation allows AAA Dry Foam to create more energy efficient and comfortable homes and businesses, while also cutting homeowners’ heating and cooling costs from lost due to air infiltration. This air infiltrates the home in the form of drafts through wall sockets, windows, doors, attics, and basements. Spray foam insulation will expand and completely fill every tiny hole and crevasse providing a superior air seal combined with a powerful R-value per inch of installed spray foam. This also is highly effective in preventing hot and cool air losses throughout your home or business.


Spray foam insulation is made from polyurethane foam and comes in open and closed-cell varieties, which vary in density.


Open-Cell:       As the foam expands, air gets trapped in between the broken bubbles/cells.  This divides the space into tiny air pockets that slow down the heat as it tries to pass through.  It is a much softer type of foam because of the broken bubbles/cells.  These bubble/cells allow water to pass through them, which can be good and bad depending on the application.  Even though open-cell spray foam does a good job at filling in and around wires, pipes, and other obstacles, it only has a R-4 per inch insulation power.

  • Cheapest Spray Foam option.
  • Bubbles/Cells inside the foam never completely close.

Closed-Cell:     The bubbles/cells are closed and tightly packed together, which makes closed-cell spray foam much denser and stronger.  Closed-cell will not absorb water or allow air to pass through.  The reason is the bubbles/cells are filled with a gas which makes them much smaller and better insulator. Closed-cell has an average of R-7 per inch insulation power.

  • Stronger and denser than open-cell.
  • Less foam is needed than open-cell or fiberglass to reach the required R-value of your home or business.

How Spray Foam works in Summer and Winter to help you:

In the winter, your heated interior air rises naturally by convection and escapes into the attic through air leaks.  A poorly insulated attic will allow that heat to escape right out of the house and waste your money.  If the attic is properly spray foamed it will keep the heat from escaping and wasting your money. 

In the summer, the problem is reversed.  The hot air in the attic then moves into your living space, creating uncomfortable hot rooms that are expensive to cool.  Also, your cool air escapes through the air leaks to the outside which wastes your money.  If the house or business is properly spray foamed it will keep the cool air from escaping and wasting your money.

AAA Dry Foam will be more than happy to provide you with an estimate for your Spray Foam insulation needs.